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I reached out to Terri when I saw her work advertised on next door and the portraits of dogs –

As my daughter in CT just lost her precious dog Bella – I contacted Terri and sent some pictures of Bella , a Staffordshire Terrier- Terrie wanted to know her personality as well, I sent a video of her as she was such a gentle, kind , dog.

Terri agreed to do the portrait in pastel, she was excited to do. A few weeks later Terri contacted me and said it was finished – myself and my wife Jessica went to get the picture – we both looked and said OMG , it was so perfect and REAL we had tears in our eyes! Terri was happy we were happy

I sent the portrait framed up to my daughter , they all cried when they opened it – enough said .

Terri has such a great talent –

Bella – Staffordshire Terrier

April 22, 2019