Terry Ludwig Pastels

While I use several different brands of Pastels, Terry Ludwig Pastels are one of my favorites.  Each pastel stick is crafted by hand with a broad range of pigments and minimal natural binders.   There are over 600 colors, available individually or in sets.  The color intensity and coverage is excellent, and the shape of the sticks allows for sharp lines when needed.  To learn more about Terry Ludwig Pastels, click here.

Mount Vision Pastels

Mount Vision Pastels are another of my favorite pastels.  These are a high quality, affordable pastel with a wonderful, soft, almost “buttery” feel.  They also have a great range of  colors, and the coverage is very good.  To learn more about Mount Vision Pastels, click here.

Pastel Society Of North Carolina

The Pastel Society of NC holds meetings, exhibitions and workshops. Their meetings for the society are held on the 2nd Saturday of each of the following months (January, March, May, July, September and November) in Chapel Hill.  To learn more about the Pastel Society of NC, and see their schedule of workshops and exhibitions, click here.

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